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To all our potential prospective and valued clients


The formation, incorporation and the existence of National Teachers Insurance Limited is the end result of a thorough and investigative market research within the Papua New Guinea insurance industry market.

We believe the average Papua New Guinean worker’s needs in respect of life, medical and disability insurance as well as other general insurance covers namely property, marine and casualty (motor vehicle, liability, engineering and medical etc.) are currently not been adequately catered for, hence the establishment of National Teachers Insurance Limited (NTIL) and Life Insurance Corporation (PNG) Limited (LICL).


National Teachers Insurance Limited (NTIL)

At the outset Papua New Guinea Teachers Association Welfare Fund (PNGTAWF) initiated from its humble and sincere desire to form a 100% nationally owned company to serve the Association members with life, medical and personal accident insurance policies. NTIL obtained a general insurance license in April 2001 from the Office of Insurance Commissioner and the company was established with a paid up share capital of K1.25 million with plans to gradually grow this capital base to K5 million in the near future.

The current Paid up Share Capital of NTIL is K2 million.

Life Insurance Corporation (PNG) Limited (LICL)

LICL received a license from the Bank of Papua New Guinea on 1 September 2003 and commenced its operations from October 2003 to provide life insurance underwriting and other related products and services.

The current Paid up Share Capital of LICL is K 4,103,886.00


In pursuing with its corporate plans and goals the NTIL Group’s prime objectives are to:

  • Provide the best and most affordable insurance package to all Group (e.g. Associations & Welfare Funds) members a bulk of which fall into the middle income earning category.
  • Enhance increased participation in the insurance industry by Group members as well as to create an opportunity for the general population to have easy access to insurance products and services.
  • Promote Papua New Guineans’ interest and confidence in participating in the insurance industry.
  • Enable all members and their families easy and direct access to medical claims services by the use of member identification cards to save members the trouble of lodging a claim every time medical expenses are incurred.
  • Empower Papua New Guineans to manage their own funds professionally in an insurance company that they can call their own.


NTIL Group is a nationally owned company with a majority shareholding by Papua New Guinea Teachers Association Welfare Fund.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (17th June, 2014)

Name Position
Dr. Ken Ngangan Independent Director (of NTl only) and Chairman
Mr. Peter Pokawin Independent Director (of LIC only) and Chairman
Mr. Deb Kumar De Founder, Managing Director & Secretary
Mr. Tommy Hecko Founder Director
Mr. Robin Welley Founder Director
Ms. Jenny R Kome Director
Mr. John Mondo OBE Director (of NTI only)
Mr. Peter Loko Independent Director (of LIC only)
Dr. Lautofa McCarthy Pulotu Independent Director (of LIC only)

BoD - 2009 Photo
Back Row from left: Peter Pokawin, Dr Ken Ngangan , Joan Kalama, Jenny R Kome, John Mondo, Robin Welley.Front Row from left: Martin Kenehe, Lady Kaludia, Sir Paulius Matane, Deb Kumar De & Tommy HeckoAbove photo was taken in the Boardroom of Insurance Rumana when it was officially opened by His Excellency the Governor General of Papua New Guinea on Thurday 9th July, 2009.


New Picture (1)
Standing from left to right.Dipayan De, Mr. Ure Rauka (Group General Manager), Mrs. Konio Rauka, Mrs. Gima Taviri, Mr. Raka Taviri Snr (General Manager) & Sayan De.Sitting from left to right. Deb Kumar De (Managing Director), Sir Paulius Matane, Lady Kaludia & Mrs. Swapna De.


The Company has been established and financially managed by the Founder Managing Director Mr. Deb Kumar De (who is credited with 38 years of hands-on extensive experience in the financial and management fields both in commercial organizations as well as professional Chartered Accounting firms) with the help of qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants from India, Philippines and Papua New Guinea as well as by the Managers as stated below. He is also an ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) CIP.


Mr. Ure Rauka is an Associate Member of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) and is the current Group General Manager who is credited with over 37 years of extensive hands-on-the-job experience in the insurance industry both in private and public sector organizations.

During his career, Mr. Rauka has on numerous occasions held down Senior Management Positions with different insurance companies.

Having this creditability the Board is well assured of Mr. Rauka's ability to steer the Group towards prominence in the PNG insurance market.


Mr. Raka Taviri Snr is the current General Manager of the NTIL Group who is a mathematician with a double Masters Degree from the University of Sussex

(U.K.) and University of New England (Australia). He is also an ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) CIP.

He has more than 42 years of work experience, 16 of which has been in academia at UPNG, 21 years in the insurance industry and 5 years in other business consultancies.


Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharjee is the current Financial Controller of the NTIL Group who is a Fellow Chartered Accountant from India and Associate Member of CPA (PNG). He is also Assoc Member of ANZIIF. He has more than 19 years of work experience in the fields of Audit, Accounts and Finance.

MANAGER – Claims

Mr. Eric Vegoa, our Claims Manager is a double ANZIIF (Snr Associate) CIP. He possesses more than 29 years of insurance industry experience including General Manager of Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited.

MANAGER – Life Underwriting & Marketing

Mr. John Becker is our Life Underwriting Manager and Senior Account Executive with more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry. He is an Associate Member of ANZIIF. During his career Mr. Becker worked with 4 other leading insurance companies in PNG with overseas stints.

ASSISTANT MANAGER – Life Underwriting

Mr. Pala Walimu is our Assistant Life Underwriting Manager. He is an ANZIIF (Senior Associate) CIP with more than 11 years of experience in the insurance industry. Previously, Mr. Walimu worked with a leading life insurance company.

MANAGER – General Underwriting

Mr. Oa Rauka, our General Underwriting Manager, is a very experienced insurance personnel, who possesses sound underwriting and claims management skills with more than 27 years of industry experience with various insurance companies and brokers.

ASISTANT MANAGER – General Underwriting

Mr. Sam Imatana, our Assistant General Underwriting Manager & Senior Account Executive, is an Associate Member of ANZIIF, possessing over 27 years of underwriting experience with different broking and underwriting companies.


Mr Paile Kini is our Marketing Manager & Senior Account Executive. He is a Senior Associate Member of ANZIIF CIP. He has 28 years of experience in the Insurance Industry involving underwriting, claims and broking with various insurance companies and brokers.


Mr. Karai Taukarai is our current IT Manager. He is about to complete a Bachelors Degree in Information and Telecommunication Engineering from New Zealand’s Massey University. Before joining the NTIL Group in 2007, he worked previously as an IT Specialist with Boroko East International School and GRM International as the New Zealand Aid Program Coordinator.


Support Staff - NTILIC

We have ten (10) Senior Claims and Underwriting Officers with extensive experience to support our claims and underwriting services.

We also have the able support of Graduate Accountants and qualified IT technical assistants, Office Assistants, Secretaries and Receptionists to compliment the range of services we offer.

All our staff members are adequately qualified and efficient. The company sponsors their on-going education with ANZIIF or local vocational, technical and tertiary institutions.


Our Reinsurance Programmes are arranged through Willis Reinsurance Company Australia Ltd who is a leading Reinsurance Broker in Australia and our Reinsurance Treaty Security is lead by Lloyds Syndicate (London), Pacific Re (PNG) and Munich Re (Australia) who also are leading Reinsurers in the world. Our Reinsurance Treaties are comparable to those of our foreign and more established competitors in the insurance market.

We have established a very sound and strong partnership with our Reinsurers and our capacity to underwrite risks is not limited to the small and medium type, but to the major industrial, commercial and large corporate accounts or risks as our available capacity is greatly increased as we can access the resources of our Reinsurers.


NTIL commenced operations in May 2001 and in its first year of operations it underwrote a gross premium in the vicinity of K4 million and currently the Group’s annual turnover has reached to over K19 million which is a strong indication of our clients’ confidence and commitment.


Pricewaterhouse Coopers was our Auditor since inception to 31st December 2004 and thereafter KPMG Chartered Accountants to 31st December 2011, and thereafter Ernest & Young Chartered Accountants until now.


Henao Lawyers have been our Company Lawyer since inception to 2009 and thereafter Mirupasi Lawyers.


Most of the leading licensed brokers are dealing with our Group. They include:

  1. Marsh Ltd
  2. AON Risk Services (PNG) Ltd.
  3. Insurance Partners (PNG) Ltd
  4. Kanda International Brokers
  5. Asia Pacific Insurance Brokers Ltd
  6. Niugini Island Insurance Brokers


A larger percentage of our business is generated by more than twelve (12) Agents some of whom operate under company or business names, including;

  1. Arjay Corporation Limited
  2. Le Marine
  3. Breis Insurance Agency
  4. Pacific Insurance Solutions
  5. Financial Wisdom Limited
  6. Yekere Insurance Agency
  7. Highlands Risk Services


Our Bankers are Bank of South Pacific and Australia & New Zealand Banking Corporation.


KPMG Actuaries Pty Ltd. Sydney was our Actuary since inception to 31st December 2004 and thereafter AON (New Zealand) Ltd.


Provisions will be made to incorporate other aspects of Insurance package for member's benefits but at the interim following products and services are offered:


(i) Property

  • Industrial Special Risk
  • Fire & Perils
  • Home Owners
  • General Property

(ii) Marine

  • Cargo
  • Hull

(iii) Casualty

  • Motor Vehicle
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Personal Accident
  • Travel
  • Contract Works
  • Computer
  • Boiler, Plant & Machinery
    • Liability
    • Engineering
    • Medical


  1. Group Life Medical & Personal Accident
  2. Funeral Plans
  3. Savings/Investment Plans
  4. Loan Plans



Our Company policy is to settle all medical expense claims promptly within a minimum of 3 working days and a maximum of 5 working days, provided that all necessary supporting documentations as per our guidelines are furnished.


Our Company policy is to endeavor to settle claims within 30 days of death of the insured person provided that all necessary supporting documentations as per our guidelines are furnished


Our Company policy is to settle all other claims within 14 days provided that all necessary supporting documentations as per our guidelines are furnished.


We process & provide Membership Cards to our insured Group Members if they so desire. Membership Cards can be presented to our Authorized Service (e.g. Medical) Providers for identification, discounts etc. The List of Authorized Service providers can be obtained from the Company.


We insure Public Union Sector Welfare Fund members including, PNGTAWF, PNGNAWF, members of some Savings & Loan Societies including East New Britain Savings & Loan Society employees of major Super Funds like Nambawan Super, employees of foreign missions like the US Embassy, Government Departments like Finance and Education, various Non-Government Organizations and reputable companies operating in PNG, and whole Districts like Abau, Kairuku-Hiri in Central Province and Nawaeb in Morobe Province.

We have more than 48,300 financial contributors which consists of more than 9,300 family policy holders and 39,000 single policy holders. Therefore the number of insured members would be in excess of 85,500. More than 148 small to large sized companies and organizations are insured by the NTIL Group.


If you require any clarification and/or any further details, please contact:

The Group General Manager, or The General Manager
National Teachers Insurance Limited / Life Insurance Corporation (PNG) Ltd.

Insurance Rumana
Section 35, Allotment 48
Frangipani Street, Hohola
P.O.Box 5684, BOROKO, 111,National Capital District
Telephone:  323 2900, 323 4151, 323 4025
Fax: 323 1307

LAST UPDATE OF THIS PROFILE: 31st September, 2014